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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Field Day

I've always thought that "field day" at the schools is a great thing for the kiddos. Lots of exercise, a day to take a break from the every day monotony to have fun... and in the end they usually learn a little too.

Caylon recently had his field day at school and there was a lot going on.

Tug-of-war...                                                               The balance beam...
Hurdles... with a slight mishap.

Even a small pep-talk from coach.

But best of all... was when I realized the moment of learning. 
At some point I need to teach my child that his heart is on the LEFT side of his body.
He just looked so confused. :)

 Hope you had a "field day" of your own today!!


Daley said...

LOL you crack me up every time. At least he's using the correct hand!!!

SUGAR MOON said...

Wish I could have been there. LOL Good post!!!

Mama Hancock said...

Lol... so true Daley. And I'm sure he would've loved the company Sugar Moon! :)J

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