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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fast learner

Well, its been a little over a week since my last post.  Things have been crazy here trying to get packed and ready for the move.  We are only moving 4 miles down the road... but it feels as though we are trekking across country.  In the midst of all the packing... I have had the opportunity to see how fast my little one is growing and learning.  It amazes me every day.

"Nice," I say to myself... "he has learned to open the dishwasher."

"Great... not only can he open it... he can climb ON it."

"Okay... so he can open it, climb on it, stand on it... and... get in it.  Time to lock the dishwasher."


Daley said...

I just busted out laughing. Great post. Look how long his hair is getting!!!!

liz.chris61804 said...

I love seeing Grayer learn and explore new things! The dishwasher is a constant struggle...over here too! love you guys!

Mama Hancock said...

Thank you both! :) Yes... the hair is getting long! The girls at work keep trying to convince us to cut it!!! :) Love you too Liz! Miss y'all!! Give that sweet new baby of yours a kiss for me! :)

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