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Monday, October 31, 2011

A successful halloween...

Well, let's just say it has been a VERY busy halloween this year! We started the weekend with a surprise birthday party for the little sis ... what a happy surprise 25th birthday party that was!! (Little Red Riding Hood is the birthday girl... standing with me, G, our other sis and niece)

That was Saturday.  Then Sunday, our church held a "Trunk - or -Treat."  I decided to let the boys wear a couple of extra costumes for that so that they wouldn't be the same thing all weekend.  So.. in enters Batman and Superman.  

Monday was filled with Courthouse Trick-or-Treating and "Noah's Neat Treat" put on by the area churches at the city park.  We were lucky enough to take along a friend for C - so he had a blast... Darth Vader and the Motorcross rider! 

And don't forget the pirate!!

Finally, we made it home and the kids got to rummage through their treasures! After dropping our buckets twice, eating candy all along the way, and passing out some of it to late night trick-or-treaters... we managed to get a nice pile of pencils, popcorn, a stuffed Santa (?), two books from the library and a good bit of candy.  

Overall, I would call it a great success! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     About 2 months ago my six year old picked up a habit where he said "What?" after EVERYTHING you said.  It didn't matter if he heard you or not... he would say it anyway.  It got to a point where eventually I started telling him, "I'm not repeating myself... I know you heard me."  He would respond with something along the lines of... "OOOOOOHHHH... you want me to take a BATH. Okay."  So you can imagine my excitement when this habit suddenly disappeared.  I was elated.  Until about 4 days ago. 
     I have decided that as a six years old it is imperative that you have at least one habit that drives your mother crazy.  So... one VERY SHORT week after the last habit ended... a new one began.  Now, he doesn't have to ask what I said... but rather this is what I get -
            Me: "C, don't drop that ball on the ground or it will break."
            C: "Ball?"
            Me: "Don't drop that BALL on the ground or it will break."
            C: "Ground?"
            Me: "Don't DROP that BALL on the GROUND or it will BREAK!"
            C: "It'll break???"

            Me: "Give me the ball."


Monday, October 24, 2011

Mosquito Bites...

     Well, the only thing I can say about mosquitos is... I hate them.  They can't just fly around harmlessly like flies... they have to stick their little stinger in your skin and chalk you full of poison that to some people... can end up more than just an irritating itch spot.  My son happens to be one of those people.
     We have soccer practice twice each week and then a game on Saturdays... so we are at soccer a lot.  A lot of times for practice I let the little one sit in the car and watch his leap frog videos... but this week I decided that while C practiced... we would go for a walk.  So... all ready to go, we get out of the car and start our walk around the enormous practice field.  Fuzzy couldn't be more excited... he's clapping and smiling and having a good time... until the mosquitos discover him.  I'm not kidding... we walked approx 20 yards before being hit with an entire army of mosquitos.  I scooped Fuzzy up as fast as I possibly could and went running (again, only 20 yards) back to the mosquito net better known as our car.  I knew this wasn't going to be good... but I had no idea how bad.  He had TONS of mosquito bites... but the worst spot was his forehead.  He had three bites close together and by the time we got home and he had his bath... those three bites had all swollen... and worse than that... the swelling became so much that the three bites created one enormous ball on his head.  Pictures just don't do it justice. 

As I said... I hate mosquitos. :(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A new hobby...

For the second time in my life I have decided that it would be fun if I learned how to crochet.  The first time I came to this decision... it didn't turn out so well.  Maybe because I was too young... maybe I had too much on my mind that day to focus on a project like crocheting, but either way... it seems to have worked much better this time.  I started 2 days ago and have only learned a couple of stitches but here is where I am with it...

This was my first one... a blue blanket for my six year old... all single crochet stitches.  Oh my goodness... this will take forever.

This is my second one... a green and black granny square blanket for my 18 month old.  This one is going MUCH faster!!
I still have a LOT of stitches to learn... but I think I'm off to a good start!!
All I can say is... whoever invented YouTube is my new best friend!

As always... have a blessed day! I know I will! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuzzy Friday...

     Well, I'm continuing with the tradition of Fuzzy Friday.  For those of you who don't know... my 18 month old goes by the nickname... you guessed it... "Fuzzy." So each Friday I will post a picture of little "Fuzzy."  But for any of you out there who want to join in on the Fuzzy Friday's... my mother and I have decided that this day should be simply a day for anything that makes you feel warm and "fuzzy" - just as my son does me.  I would love to know about what makes you light up on a friday... so leave me a comment letting me know you posted a picture and I'll come check out your warm and fuzzy!

Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is 18 months too early...

We all have things in our lives that other people could never understand.  Quirks, nuances, obsessions... whatever you want to call them.  I will be the first to admit that I have several of those things ... and that I come extremely close (okay.. maybe I'm over the line) to having what some would call OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder.
For instance, I absolutely hate having appliances on my counter... I mean hate it.  With a passion.  My son has something made in the toaster almost every weekday.. yet I insist on taking the toaster to and from its rightful spot in the cabinet.
It is also absolutely necessary that all of my canned goods face forward in the pantry... I mean, do people seriously pick up every can in their pantry just to find a can of green beans?? Don't they understand that life would be MUCH simpler if they could read the label when they opened the pantry door?
I also have a problem being late.  I don't mean I just don't like being late... I mean that if I am in my car... headed to a doctor's appointment and I think there is a CHANCE I will be late... I can literally FEEL my blood pressure rising.  My stress level is climbing. 
Here's the best one though... even I don't understand it.  I hate grocery shopping.. but not for the normal reasons.  I hate to go to the store and stock up on things that will fill my cabinets to the brims.  The moment that I place those things in their homes... I am wishing I could use them up so that the cabinet would be clean again.  I know this doesn't make sense... I mean... once the food is gone I obviously have to go buy more.  However, I still find myself wishing that the food in the cabinets would just go away so that I could have the momentary peace brought on by clean, spacious cabinets.
I could go on.
With this in mind, my question is this...
is 18 months old too early to decide that my son is following in my footsteps?

Lol... who wouldn't want everything nice and orderly??
We may just have another obsessor on our hands.

P.S. No judging allowed. lol

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Trouble...

    Okay... we all know that there are things that happen as we raise our children that make us question how good of a job we are doing.  Here's an example...
     I feel I do a pretty good job at keeping an eye on my 18 month old son... but at the same time try not to hover over him 24 hours a day.  So it was nothing new for me to be working on a project in the living room while he played with his cars on the kitchen floor... literally 5 steps away from me.  This 5 steps just happened to be around the corner.  
     The sound of the wheels rolling on the hard wood floor and his little vroom vroom noise he likes to make were being heard off and on... so I had no worries.  In addition... my six year old was sitting approx 2 steps away from me... where he could see us both (so surely if something were to happen the six year old would say something). 

     All of a sudden I heard the light scrape of the kitchen chair across the floor and knew something must be up... so I asked the six year old what G was doing.  The next thing he says is... "Uuummmmm... well."  I knew it must be trouble... so I took the computer off of my lap and took the two steps I needed to see exactly what had transpired... and in that short time, this is what had occurred...

 He was SO proud of himself!


                                                       You're in BIG trouble mister!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A look back...

     I decided some time ago that rather than collecting rows and rows of photo albums I would make a single photo book for each year of each of my childrens lives.  Seeing as how I didn't come up with this decision until somewhat recently, I'm a little behind.  So today... I've been working on "Year 3" for my 6 year old.

    It seems that I get so wrapped up in my daily living that I forget that my six year old was not always six... and am amazed to remember just how little he once was.  As some of you know... he was three when he came to live with us and even thinking back I seem to remember him bigger than he really was.  I am so glad that I have pictures to remind me where it all began. :)

                                                               And now back to work.  :)   

Friday, October 14, 2011

My own Fuzzy Friday...

Well, my mother had a great idea to start what she calls "Fuzzy Friday" on her blog - each Friday her blog consists of a new picture she has taken of Fuzzy sometime that week.  Of course I love it, well, because Fuzzy belongs to me.  :)  So, today I decided to share my own "Fuzzy Friday" with you.  So, here it is.

Have a great day!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who knew...

I'll start by saying... unlike some children... my son is not big on sweets.  It always amazes me when he opens a candy bar... and doesn't finish it (I could NEVER do that!!). 
So last weekend while he was away with me-maw in Fredericksburg... we were all suprised to find that he stumbled upon a sweet he absolutely could not stop eating...   spice cake.

Well, it's not "spice cake," but I figured gingerbread cupcakes might be close.  So...

Six cupcakes later....

                                                       I have a VERY happy six year old!! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another finished project...

Well, we finally finished the kitchen project...



                                                                              and after.  :)

 and I only have FOUR DAYS left until I'm a stay-at-home mom again.  I can't wait!!

This was C's drawing in Sunday school when his teacher told him to draw an animal that went on the ark.  Any guesses??

And this is Fuzzy's newest favorite... playing with mommy's coffee carousel. :)

(P.S. The animal above is an elephant.)    :)

Have a great day and remember to hug someone you love!!
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