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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is 18 months too early...

We all have things in our lives that other people could never understand.  Quirks, nuances, obsessions... whatever you want to call them.  I will be the first to admit that I have several of those things ... and that I come extremely close (okay.. maybe I'm over the line) to having what some would call OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder.
For instance, I absolutely hate having appliances on my counter... I mean hate it.  With a passion.  My son has something made in the toaster almost every weekday.. yet I insist on taking the toaster to and from its rightful spot in the cabinet.
It is also absolutely necessary that all of my canned goods face forward in the pantry... I mean, do people seriously pick up every can in their pantry just to find a can of green beans?? Don't they understand that life would be MUCH simpler if they could read the label when they opened the pantry door?
I also have a problem being late.  I don't mean I just don't like being late... I mean that if I am in my car... headed to a doctor's appointment and I think there is a CHANCE I will be late... I can literally FEEL my blood pressure rising.  My stress level is climbing. 
Here's the best one though... even I don't understand it.  I hate grocery shopping.. but not for the normal reasons.  I hate to go to the store and stock up on things that will fill my cabinets to the brims.  The moment that I place those things in their homes... I am wishing I could use them up so that the cabinet would be clean again.  I know this doesn't make sense... I mean... once the food is gone I obviously have to go buy more.  However, I still find myself wishing that the food in the cabinets would just go away so that I could have the momentary peace brought on by clean, spacious cabinets.
I could go on.
With this in mind, my question is this...
is 18 months old too early to decide that my son is following in my footsteps?

Lol... who wouldn't want everything nice and orderly??
We may just have another obsessor on our hands.

P.S. No judging allowed. lol

1 comment:

Daley said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! You've created a monster!!!!!!!!!
This one made me laugh for a really long time. Good one

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