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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     About 2 months ago my six year old picked up a habit where he said "What?" after EVERYTHING you said.  It didn't matter if he heard you or not... he would say it anyway.  It got to a point where eventually I started telling him, "I'm not repeating myself... I know you heard me."  He would respond with something along the lines of... "OOOOOOHHHH... you want me to take a BATH. Okay."  So you can imagine my excitement when this habit suddenly disappeared.  I was elated.  Until about 4 days ago. 
     I have decided that as a six years old it is imperative that you have at least one habit that drives your mother crazy.  So... one VERY SHORT week after the last habit ended... a new one began.  Now, he doesn't have to ask what I said... but rather this is what I get -
            Me: "C, don't drop that ball on the ground or it will break."
            C: "Ball?"
            Me: "Don't drop that BALL on the ground or it will break."
            C: "Ground?"
            Me: "Don't DROP that BALL on the GROUND or it will BREAK!"
            C: "It'll break???"

            Me: "Give me the ball."


1 comment:

Daley said...

Hahahaha I love his mad face. At least he's not pretending to be a cat, meowing all the time, and licking his milk out of his cereal bowl.

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