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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mosquito Bites...

     Well, the only thing I can say about mosquitos is... I hate them.  They can't just fly around harmlessly like flies... they have to stick their little stinger in your skin and chalk you full of poison that to some people... can end up more than just an irritating itch spot.  My son happens to be one of those people.
     We have soccer practice twice each week and then a game on Saturdays... so we are at soccer a lot.  A lot of times for practice I let the little one sit in the car and watch his leap frog videos... but this week I decided that while C practiced... we would go for a walk.  So... all ready to go, we get out of the car and start our walk around the enormous practice field.  Fuzzy couldn't be more excited... he's clapping and smiling and having a good time... until the mosquitos discover him.  I'm not kidding... we walked approx 20 yards before being hit with an entire army of mosquitos.  I scooped Fuzzy up as fast as I possibly could and went running (again, only 20 yards) back to the mosquito net better known as our car.  I knew this wasn't going to be good... but I had no idea how bad.  He had TONS of mosquito bites... but the worst spot was his forehead.  He had three bites close together and by the time we got home and he had his bath... those three bites had all swollen... and worse than that... the swelling became so much that the three bites created one enormous ball on his head.  Pictures just don't do it justice. 

As I said... I hate mosquitos. :(

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Maurise Gelman said...

There are lots of reaspms why we all hate mosquitoes and two of them are: 1) because it attacks on the least we expect it and sometimes we didn't even notice it 2) the disease that it carries. I just hope more treatment will be discovered to eliminate them all at once. But for now, repellant is the best thing to have. - Maurise Gelman @

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