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Monday, October 31, 2011

A successful halloween...

Well, let's just say it has been a VERY busy halloween this year! We started the weekend with a surprise birthday party for the little sis ... what a happy surprise 25th birthday party that was!! (Little Red Riding Hood is the birthday girl... standing with me, G, our other sis and niece)

That was Saturday.  Then Sunday, our church held a "Trunk - or -Treat."  I decided to let the boys wear a couple of extra costumes for that so that they wouldn't be the same thing all weekend.  So.. in enters Batman and Superman.  

Monday was filled with Courthouse Trick-or-Treating and "Noah's Neat Treat" put on by the area churches at the city park.  We were lucky enough to take along a friend for C - so he had a blast... Darth Vader and the Motorcross rider! 

And don't forget the pirate!!

Finally, we made it home and the kids got to rummage through their treasures! After dropping our buckets twice, eating candy all along the way, and passing out some of it to late night trick-or-treaters... we managed to get a nice pile of pencils, popcorn, a stuffed Santa (?), two books from the library and a good bit of candy.  

Overall, I would call it a great success! :)

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Daley said...

Yay, happy birthday D! Make sure your kids don't get cavities lolol

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