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Friday, December 9, 2011

Green versus yellow...

After staying on green (the "good student" color) for about 2 months straight... C got into the car today and told me he was moved to yellow (the "not-so-bad but not-so-good" color).  I explained to him that it made me very sad when his color was moved and that I knew he could do better than that... however, I told him, I was going to let it slide this time because he had been doing so good for so long.... but told him I fully expect him to stay on green next week.  So we ride along in the car for a few minutes and he is very quiet... then he so seriously asks me, "So if I get on yellow next week are you going to make me CLIMB it?"

                                          I guess sliding sounded like much more fun than climbing. 

My super happy point for the day?  I was talking to a friend today and discovered they were wishing someone would take a perfectly good quilt off of their hands so that they wouldn't have to take it to the goodwill.  As it turns out... I LOVE quilts... so I got to be that someone! :)

This quilt just inherited a whole new lifetime of kids laying on it at the park, sleepovers in the living room with spilled popcorn and pizza and the incredibly important job of keeping a mama and her babies warm on chilly winter days. :) I hope it doesn't mind. :)

Have a great day!!

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SUGAR MOON said...

I don't think it will. 

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