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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A little early...

     Every year I manage to talk "The Papa" into giving me my Christmas present early.  I almost always know what it is and somehow I always know when he gets it too.  So, once it's here... who wants to wait??!! The pleading and sweet talk begins almost immediately.  Well this year... I knew what the gift was again... but as soon as he ordered the gift online the pleading was cut off with an immediate... "You're NOT getting it until Christmas." So, when the package was delivered Friday I decided that it wasn't fair for me to argue my present out of him every year and made up my mind that I was okay with the fact that I had 23 more days to go.  Then ... miraculously... the Papa walks into the living room today with a box in his hands and a smile on his face.  "Hmmm... I wonder what this is???" he says.  After ALL that... he decided to give it to me anyway! Whew... I am SO glad he did!!

So here it is.  A beautiful new Nikon D7000 - with a Zoom and Macro lenses.
I am SO excited to start on Christmas card photos!! (I'm not sure my kiddos feel the same.)

Now I just have to figure out all these buttons!
Merry (early) Christmas to you!


Daley said...

I just laughed so hard at that picture of Grayer. Poor guy!!! Caylon looks so cute in his Christmas colored PJ's and that sweet little smile!!!!

Mama Hancock said...

Lol... I thought it was funny too. He had taken a nap on a blanket in the living room floor and I was so excited about my camera that I started snapping pictures before he was really awake. He wasn't all that thrilled. :) Don't you love those pj's? That picture of C is a sneak peak to this years Christmas card! :)

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