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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deceptively Delicious...

We spent Christmas Eve at my older sister's this year and instead of the typical ham, etc for dinner she decided to go with Mexican food.  A great decision that resulted in a delicious meal. We had enchiladas, taco soup, frito salad and much, much, MUCH more... but my FAVORITE... was the "Avocado Spread." I simply could not stop eating it.  Now this is coming from somone who could eat an entire bowl of guacamole by herself... but still... if you like avocado's AT ALL... you must try this dip.  It is SUPER simple to make and tastes GREAT with tostitos!! Try it and let me know!! :)

This recipe comes from the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica Seinfeld.

(I snagged a picture of the recipe from my sister's cookbook and made it at home for New Year's Eve!
It was just as yummy the second time around!!)

Happy snacking!


SUGAR MOON said...

yum! I'm going to make this the next time we have Mexican food at bible study.

Mama Hancock said...

You should!! It will be a BIG hit!... guaranteed!! :)

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