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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I never knew...

Ohhh reading.
I don't remember reading being so difficult... but as an adult with a six year old learning to read... I am much more aware of how many "rules" and "exceptions" there are in the English language. I never realized how difficult it can actually be... I guess when you are six it is just something you do.  For an almost 30 year old mother, it is a large source of frustration and a great test in patience.

So now ... with everything we do... we serve up a little reading along with it.
For example... we read while we shop.

We read at home.

And we even read while we drive.

By the end of each day... we all need a little break (especially from reading)... so C takes his nightly (hour long) bath to play with his toys and relax.

Fuzzy and I?
We relax on his new throne.

The best part of all this?
Every night I get to sit on the floor of my bathroom for 30 minutes with my 21 month old son, watching him play on the iPad and waiting for that moment of pee-pee celebration and (though some may think I'm crazy)... I can't help but think, with a smile on my face...
that these are the best times of my life.
I can't remember a time that I have been happier.
Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life... from the biggest... to the very very smallest.
Whether it is reading, or peeing, or playing and laughing... how very blessed I am with the things He has given to me.  I pray that God gives me that 30 minutes everyday... in some way... to help me slow down and remember just how good He is to us. 

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