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Monday, February 13, 2012

C's revelation...

We (the papa, me and the kiddos) were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner on Saturday night and C came out with this...

C: "Guess What? Did y'all know that some people kiss? On the mouth!??"

(Both of us laughing)

Me: "Well... yes... I knew that.  Grown-ups that love each other do that... and I kiss you and Fuzzy all the time."

C: "Mommm... people who aren't your KIDS kiss on the mouth!!"

Me: (still laughing) "Well, you knew that... you see daddy kiss me all the time."

C: (offended) "No I DON'T! You mean y'all kiss on the MOUTH! That's DISGUSTING!!!!"

Lol... I'm still laughing at this one.
Have a great day... and whatever you do... DON'T kiss on the MOUTH! lol.


SUGAR MOON said...

lolololol funny one!!!

Daley said...

I agree with C!!!!
lol, jk, but I love the pic you put with it...goes perfectly!

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