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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Well, this is my first time to join in for Scavenger Hunt Sunday so my photos will be a bit on the amateur side compared to the rest of the entries... but I loved having a few more reasons to use my new camera.

There are so many great entries every week so if you haven't heard of it yet... head on over to the Ramblings and Photos blog to join in the photo scavenger hunt.

Here are mine for the week.


Say the words "Strike A Pose" and my six year old will come running. :)


My little man's favorite footwear... is NO footwear!
(Sorry... I pulled this one from the archives)


Definitely a new hobby... you seasoned crocheter's don't look closely.  :)

Shiny toys are always a favorite for the little one.


My son couldn't stay out of this green slide at the park this week... I didn't have my good camera with me but thought of this picture topic as he played on it so went ahead and snapped some pictures.

I had fun thinking of pictures for the topics this week and hope to join in many more in the future!


Holly said...

Color me green is so cute! I love it!

Ashley Sisk said...

Awww I love those little feet. said...

Aww I love baby feet!! Your crocheting looks good to me!

SUGAR MOON said...

Love the color green and the feet.

stephanie g said...

Cute little feet!
Have a great week!

Cedar said...

What a fun strike the pose! Adorable footwear! Color my green works just right!

The Frisk Five said...

Love those feet. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. :)

Michelle said...

I love those photos of the kids framed in the tunnel shapes. I take them every time we are at the park. It was my first time taking part in Scavenger Hunt Sunday too... You did great!! I love your collection!!

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