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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another successful birthday!

Well, last night we celebrated another big birthday... Caylon turned 6 on Wednesday and so on Friday he got to stay home from school as a special treat! :) It all started with a corn dog breakfast (I know... but thats what he wanted).  :)

Then it was off to Fort Worth for the party... and after 1 popped balloon, 2 escaped balloons, a crazy hair experience at Wal Mart and the realization of no cake utensils... well, we finally made it to the movie tavern to watch Hoodwinked Too and have cake/presents.

And as you can tell... he had a ton of fun! The plan was to stay up late playing with all his new toys, but... well... he didn't last long. :)

And somewhere in the middle of all that craziness... my boys took some of the cutest pictures ever!! I thought the studio did an AWESOME job - but then again its not hard to take pictures when your subjects are so handsome!! :)

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liz.chris61804 said...

Happy late Bday! The picture turned out great:)I hope to be as lucky and get one good professional shot this year!!

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