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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little man's first birthday

 Well, I finally have a real computer in front of me, all of my pictures finally uploaded and a moment to sit down and share with you some pictures from our exciting birthday party!

My biggest accomplishment was the cake table.  Not much to some I'm sure... but a big fun project for me! In case you can't make out the picture... it's an entire farm scene made from cupcakes! :) A muddy (brown sugar) sty full of cupcake pigs, a pasture (easter grass and green coconut topped cupcakes) with a couple of cows and their calves, some chickens and their chicks out in front of the barn... and even a farmers garden of carrots off to the side.  I had a ton of fun and was so happy with the finished product!

Next... what would a farm birthday be without a tractor pinata??!! :)

And an enormous cow cake just for the birthday boy!

"Hmmm... I'm not real sure about this whole cake thing ...  


Okay... maybe its good after all. "
Even big brother had to get in on this!
After a quick costume change (the last one was drenched with icing)... we were on to presents.

Grayer got some of the cutest things... like his little rocking cow and his bubble machine (which turned out to be a big hit to the party guests!!).

In the end... it was a whole lot of fun!! And it made for a good picture!! Ha Ha!

The next bday will be here before we know it!


Daley said...

Ha ha I'm so glad you made all the kids get together for a picture. That turned out sooooo cute

Donna said...

Ahhhh...Happy Birthday to your little one!

liz.chris61804 said...

everything was adorable!!! Great job,Dusty. And Grayer makes me want to try for a boy so bad:)

Mama Hancock said...

Thank you Donna! And thank you Liz! Boys are a TON of fun... but you make such cute girls!! :)

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