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Friday, April 1, 2011

The early bird...

My five year old is obsessed with the idea of being the first child picked up at the end of the day. Me-maw has tried several times to be the first one there and it hasn't worked. Today I was DETERMINED to be the first one so that I might squelch the obsession. So... School let's out at 3:05. I gave myself plenty of time to get here and managed to roll in at exactly 2:26. Whew... Great timing. Or so I thought. As I turned the very last corner to park outside the Kindergarten door... I realized (to my extreme disappointment)that I was second in line.
Not only that... Within TWO minutes, two more cars had nestled in behind me.
So... Lesson learned... You must arrive HOURS ahead of time if you want to be the first parent in line. My sons obsession will not likely be changing anytime soon. :(

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