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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A birthday to remember

On Monday, April 4th, Grayer and I set out on a fun-filled adventure.  It all started at 4:06pm when I pulled away from work ... Grayer and all our luggage in tow.  Our plane was set to depart at 7:25pm... I was already stressed.  A grande, non-fat, no-whip white mocha from Starbucks... a little help from the great and wonderful airport taxi (Daley)... and a lot of traffic later... we were at the airport and ready to set out to Denver, Co.  Daddy, a.k.a Quincy, would be waiting.

We landed in Denver... a little late... and I wish I had a picture to show you of myself... trying to navigate through that enormous airport, child on hip, suitcase being drug behind me... diaper bag on top of suitcase.  That was a MUCH longer walk than I had anticipated and fear that Grayer may have been hanging on for dear life by the time I finally reached Quincy.  Nevertheless... we made it! ... and Grayer was so happy to see his daddy he wouldn't leave his arms for anything... not even me!

Poor G must have had some side-effects from the plane ride ... he didn't go to sleep until 11:45 and woke up at 12:15 screaming at the top of his lungs.  For those of you who know him... he doesn't scream.  I know a lot of people say they have the best baby... but I really do. :) He rarely cries... and even when he does.. it's easily fixable.  Monday night... nothing would satisfy him... except screaming.  That lasted 15 minutes (though it felt like 30) and just about the time I thought I would have to take him to the ER to see what was wrong... the crying stopped.  It was immediate.  He fell back to sleep and never made another sound.  Strange.

Anyway... we woke up Tuesday morning and... YAY... IT'S GRAYER'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  Q had gone to work for a couple of hours but came back and took G and I to find a "luxurious" hotel so that we would thoroughly enjoy our trip (isn't he the best??!!).  So where did we land? None other than the Hilton Garden Inn.  

Full room service available 24 hours... pool open 24 hours... and probably the most comfortable bed I've ever laid my toosh on!! Grayer and I ... well, we love it.  :)

For lunch we went to the Bass Pro Shop restaurant.  We saw tons of fish and wished Caylon could have been here to see them too! (He's spending four days with Me-maw - so fun!)

Applebee's Gift CardAfter lunch was some minor shopping (had to buy some birthday cake!), back to the hotel to relax and then dinner at one of MY favorites!... Applebee's. 

(Doesn't G look thrilled?)

Applebee's happens to be across the parking lot from the Hilton... so after dinner we walked back to the hotel for some BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

We had a GREAT first birthday for Grayer and are now just enjoying our mini-vacation. 

 I am so glad the three of us got to be together on G's special day.  All I know... is we sure are gonna miss daddy after we leave tomorrow.  He is, by far, our favorite man!


liz.chris61804 said...

what an adventure! Glad you home again.

Mama Hancock said...

Thank you! Me too!!

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