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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

My 2nd Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I went to my mom's house one day and she had this cookie jar in her kitchen.  I absolutely loved it and still do... and eventually managed to get it into my kitchen. :)


In the spirit of Valentine's day... my six year old had fun trying to make a heart show up on the wall. :)


 We are lover's of all things spicy in our house... and this... is our enormous bottle of tabasco. :)


We actually make it a point to eliminate all things gold in our house... so this one was actually quite difficult.


I got my 6 yr old a bedspread and pillowcases from Pottery Barn and had his name monogrammed on the pillow... his favorite color is blue and we all ended up loving his new bedding!

I am definitely a mom that is guilty of taking TONS of pictures of her kiddos... so I'm loving that the Scavenger Hunt Sunday is forcing me to think outside the box!! Looking forward to seeing the other entries and getting started on next week's topics!! Happy photo hunting!! :)

Don't forget to stop by and check out the other entries through the link above! :)


Holly said...

I love your shadow picture. So cute!

Jessica Sweeney said...

Great photos! I love the shadow!

Mikayla said...

I love your gold shot! I want that print!!

T.J. said...

Good for you- I too fall victim to photographing my family, but not as much "other" stuff. I love the gold picture:) Your family and STORY are beautiful, I look forward to following along :)

Ashley Sisk said...

What a sweet shadow shot - love that.

Wendy said...

Great set of pictures...My favorite is shadow.
I agree SHS forces me to look at things differently and take pictures of things I may not normally shoot. I am loving finding God's beauty in all things!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Your gold shot was very creative.

Gretchen said...

Love the shadow shot... always fun to get the kids to help! Great set!

Marissa said...

your shadow shot is so fun!

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