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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A great day.

Today was such a great day! We ended up going to the local wildlife reserve... along with every other person in the 5 closest counties (okay it just seemed that way).  I knew on the way there that there would be a ton of people and I was afraid that it would make the trip miserable but I was relieved to find that the other patrons were pretty generous about keeping the traffic moving. 
Grayer LOVED the animals.  Anytime we were waiting to get to the next set of animals he would lose interest and start finding other things to occupy him... but as soon as I pointed out a nearby animal he was standing in the window... eyes glued on whatever was standing beside us.  Well... until the zebra.  The zebra was the best part of the trip (tied with the giraffe) and Grayer started to get tired just as it was our turn to see the zebras.  I stood him up to point him out the window but he just sat back down, fussed a little and then went on playing by himself... little did he know what was lurking so close behind him!
There were tons of animals...
     Deer...                                                                         Giraffe...
ram...  and much more.

But Grayer's ABSOLUTE favorite... was the goats.

                                                           (pay no attention to his feet)    :)

We had an amazing day... but there was definitely one tired little boy in the end.  

I hope your day was as blessed as mine. :)

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Daley said...

One sock?! I love this one.

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