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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Weekend Continued...

 So this is the continued story of my weekend with my little man.  What an awesome weekend this has turned out to be! We went to little Kenleigh's birthday party today at In Zone... which if you've never been is a gymnastics/fitness zone just for kids.  Grayer had a BLAST! He jumped in bounce houses, hung on the pull-up bar (and did quite well if I may say so myself!) and played in the bubbles from a bubble machine! We had a great time and got some adorable pictures too. :)

     So with as much fun as my little G had today... it got me thinking back to birthday presents and I think I've decided on a couple.  It appears as though he needs something to climb on...

          Step2 All Star Sports Climber
       and maybe another something to climb IN...     Playhut Magic Ball Zone

                                         Then... maybe we'll have our own little In-Zone!! :)
                                                         Can't wait till the big day!

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