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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stress Free Eating

There was Daley, sitting across from me in the restaurant. As I talk to her I notice this little silver thing sitting next to her on the table. It caught my eye and I had no idea it would be the answer to a life-long problem! All my life I've been going out to eat in restaurants and hesitating every time I had to hang my purse on the back of my chair... but I hung it there anyway and figured there was nothing I could do about it. And then... She pulls this silver thing off the table and raises it up to reveal... her PURSE... that has been hanging ever-so secretly right beside her leg. What a great little invention! So what did I do? Immediately ordered one and have been checking the mail box every day for my prize to show up in my mailbox. Well, today it arrived and all I can say is... Thank you Daley... I can now eat in peace forever. :)

P.S. If using purse hanger at home... little hands may also make use of it!

Paisley Purse Hanger<--- Click the Amazon Link to find your own Paisley Purse Hanger! :)


Daley said...

Yes, I love mine!!!!! Greatest invention ever. Yours is way cute, btw.

SUGAR MOON said...

Very unique idea. Thanks for the tip and the link.

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