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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodbye Halloween

Well... I am officially ready for the Halloween candy to be gone. It seems as though it has found its way into every nook and cranny of our home. That why for the past two days I have let C eat as MUCH of it as he wants. And let me just say, he's taking full advantage of the situation.
He actually tilted the bowl, leaned his head down to it and said, "Mom, I'm just going to gobble this up!"


Even Fuzz has caught on.

Hope y'all are enjoying all the candy at your house!! :)


Daley said...

I hope nobody gets a cavity!!!!

Mama Hancock said...

I was more worried about who would be laying in the fetal position later crying about a belly ache! I told C he was going to get a stomache ache and later he told Q... (whilst still eating candy)... "Mom said I was going to get a stomach ache, but I feel GREAT!"

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