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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Missing Blogger...

Well, I have never done a blog without pictures ... but I've been M.I.A from the blogging world for about two weeks now and I just wanted to say (before drifting into a deep sleep)... I'm still here!!

It all started with a new car for me (Yay!!), then we left town for five days (without Internet) to spend some quality time with "The Papa." Then it was two Thanksgivings, two days of everyone in a turkey coma and then finally back to school... and now back to blogging.

It has been a whirlwind two weeks and I am SO happy to be back on schedule.. and let me just say that I for one am ecstatic at all the Christmas music I hear now! It is my favorite holiday and favorite time of year. I plan to post pictures from the last two weeks starting tomorrow... so don't go anywhere!! Until then...

As I tell my six year old... "Nighty Nighty Tighty-Whitey!!" :)

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Donna said...

So glad you had fun though!
A little break can really help sometimes..
Enjoy your day!

Mama Hancock said...

Thank you Donna!! So glad you stopped by!! :) Have a great day!!

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