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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our holiday...

So here they are...
the pictures I promised from the 2 week whirlwind.

Our first event... getting my new 2010 Nissan Armada!! "The Papa" wanted me and the kiddos to feel safe so we traded my smaller SUV for an 8-seater.  I'm so happy with it... and we had bluetooth installed so we can talk hands-free ... even safer. :)

Next was a bout with an unknown rash that had us pretty worried until we realized it was hives.  It came and went for a day and a half... and then I realized it was the sweat pants G was wearing.  Needless to say... he hasn't worn those since... and we haven't had hives since! Yikes!

Then... a long car ride to the big city of Houston, Texas.

Our time there involved a ride on a ferry (the kids thought that was SO cool), a stay in a hotel (the kids ALWAYS think that is cool) and a random alligator (that the kids could never actually find in the distant grass).

So then we came home (the night before Thanksgiving) and had our first Turkey Day at my grandfathers house the following day.
Here we had four generations: my grandfather, my mother, me and my little G.  So amazing.

The next day... our 2nd turkey day... was at our house.  Tons of food, fun and family.  It's not often that all 5 grandkids in the immediate family get to be together and play. It was a great day!

In the end... I was able to capture two victims of the turkey coma on camera.

I hope everyone else's holidays were as good as mine!
Have a great day!!


Donna said...

The toxins the Chinese put in their fabric is Horrible! Poor Babydoll...
Love the "coma" shot!Hahaaaa
Sweet night to you!

Daley said...

Great pics!!! That rash is terrible!!! Poor baby!

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